About us

About us

Organic bioactive ingredients and performance material solution

The Seaweed Enterprise is a technologically innovative marine biotechnology company. We cultivate customized seaweed indoors in a controlled environment and produce seaweed-based natural, organic bioactive ingredients and performance material solutions.

Our organic products  are utilized in the food and beverage sector, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, human additive, animal additive, bio-plastic and bio-fuel sectors.

Our technology enables us to cultivate seaweed year-round, contaminant-free, traceable, sustainable and predictable. In addition, we operate at all standards of regulatory requirements.

Our cultivating method is not susceptible to weather conditions and ensures timely delivery. The Seaweed Enterprise Ltd. will works with its’ customers to realize their desired characteristics so as to create the exact and exclusive ingredient they seek to enhance and expand their product base.

We have an in house laboratory which is engaged in high-level research and development as well as maintaining and developing strong collaboration with corporations, universities and private research institutions around the globe.