The Team

The Team

Bringing collaboration
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Arie Gassner, Founder and CEO
Arie worked at PNC as Vice President and manager of the National Lending Division. Upon moving to Israel, he joined United Mizrachi Bank and managed the International Credit Division. Following a large fraud event in the London office, he was assigned with the responsibility of Chief Credit Officer, moved to London for 3 years and was responsible for the turnaround of the Branch.

He returned to Israel and joined as a partner and president of Quantum Group, a private investment group responsible for M&A, joint ventures and capital raising for start-up companies.

In 2003, he established 4 Less LLC now named 1 Sim Hub, which operates in the international study abroad market. The company assists students who travel abroad by supplying them with sim cards, linens and other items they require during their stay. Since the company’s inception he served as founder and CEO.

Dr. Yaron Yehoshua CTO
Dr. Yehoshua has more than 20 years of experience in the seaweed sector. He is the Head of The Seaweed Biotechnology Unit at Bar Ilan University (BIU). He obtained his Ph.D. from the faculty of Life Sciences at BIU, Israel. He did his post doctorate at the University of Constance, Germany and at the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Dr. Yehoshua is the founder of Bar Ilan University’s Algae Biotechnology Center and his work includes Algal Biotechnology for CO2 sequestration, biofuel, high value fine chemicals production such as poly-unsaturated-fatty-acids, omega 3, polysaccharides, proteins and antioxidants.

He holds an MBA degree from The Graduate School of Business at Bar Ilan University and a LLB degree from the faculty of law at Ono Academic College. His list of publications exceed15 articles in Journal Papers and numerous book chapters.

Birad Research and Development Company, LTD.
Our partnership with Birad provides us with high level R&D, personel and will assist us with, strengthening our technical infrastructure. Birad will also be responsible for dealing with licensing, Intellectual property and commercializing our products.