Advanced AI ensures highest
biomass levels

The enterprise will utilize self-designed, innovative techniques combining sensors, cameras and Artificial Intelligence to ensure it obtains the highest levels of biomass, growth rate and bacteria monitoring.

Our patented cultivation tank system and “Tech Review System” (TRS) ensures that the Enterprise operates at the highest technological level. The TRS will provide management on a 24/7 basis with important indicators and information tailor built for our cultivation process.

Further enhancing our operation will be the solar system positioned on the roof of the Enterprise. The electricity generated will supply all the needed energy to operate the facility and the transport vehicles. Excess energy will be generated and sold to the local electric company.

In addition, a water collection and storage system will be built and will supply water in an ecological, sustainable and efficient manner to operate the kitchen, toilets and office. The Enterprise will be self-sufficient, truly sustainable, leaving no foot print during the entire cultivation and harvesting process.